client Letter Comments

  Mark Todd-

  Sacramento, CA

   "From the moment that I hired Team Builders Construction, I saw that

they were very knowledgeable and diligent in handling things with the

insurance company."

   "I felt that a lot of weight was lifted off my shoulders."

  Stanley Ferrell-

  Roseville, CA

   "What I appreciated the most, is that I did not have to stress over this

major loss. I left it in their hands and relied on them to make the right

decisions and I am extremely satisfied with the outcome."

  Ruth Lawson-

  Rancho Cordova, CA

   "They were like busy bees on their hive. I was very impressed with their

work ethics."

   "The project managers and their workers treated me like I was part of

the family. I felt like a grandmother to all of them."

  Pamela Hanks-

  Fresno, CA

   "Throughout the whole construction, they lifted a heavy load from under me.

They not only made my home more beautiful than before the fire but

worked with the insurance to get the most out of my claim."

   "I thank God for giving me the right people to help me and Team Builders were

the best!"


Here's what some of our clients are saying...


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Team Builders ​Construction, Inc.


 Charles Levias-

 Manteca, CA

​"In my observation Team Builders has shown reliability, initiative, dependability and independence."

"My house now is absolutely amazing."

 Susana Romero- 

 Stockton, CA

​   "I did not have to worry. They kept me in touch with the progress of the

project and called me to make sure that I was OK with everything. I knew

exactly what was going on every step of the way."

   "Team Builders exceeded my expectations. They finished the house sooner 

than expected. I had a very pleasant experience with them. I look forward to 

coming home every day and Team Builders made it happen."

  Armen Mosesian- 

  Modesto, CA

   "I would highly recommend Team Builders Construction for any construction job." 

   "The company came through as promised and more. I would be glad to be on their referral list and will welcome a call from anyone that wants a personal reference."